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Hey Ladies: How To Pick Up An Investment Banker

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New York Magazine ran a profile Wednesday on Casey Lauren, a hostess at G Spa/waitress at Butter, who says of herself, "I'm blonde, but I'm not retarded."
Here's the towheaded non-retard's response to "Do guys hit on you?"

At Butter they usually ask you to sit down with them. Or they'll go to the bathroom without their girlfriends and say something to you. I got offered a $100,000 job last week from a guy — he did some investment banking or probably a hedge fund, I forget which — who asked me to go out to dinner and then be his assistant. I said, "What's the difference between going to dinner with you and being your assistant?" He said, "If you're my assistant, you get to go to lunch and dinner."

See, girls, meeting the man of your dreams is easy. The hard part is getting him to not fuck the hostess at G-Spa.
Casey Lauren of Butter and G Spa Doesn't Want Your $100,000 [NYM]