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Hotties Contest

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Hey! Whatever happened to the “Bond Biz Hotties Contest?” We hear that question every couple of days. And we’ve been avoiding the question because, frankly, the answer is embarrassing. Embarrassing for us. Embarrassing for you. And, most of all, embarrassing for the bond boys and bond girls.
Here’s what happened—the entries, submitted by readers, were thin and weak. We had a couple of possible winners but not enough to call it a contest. This is truly sad because, well, AboveTheLaw held an ERISA lawyers hotties contest and they actually had a close contest, featuring some honest-to-God hotties. ERISA lawyers? Lawyers in general? We got beat by the lawyers?
So we’re planning to revisit the hotties contest but we want your help. Which segment of the financial community should we concentrate on? Wherein is the most fertile grounds for finding hotties? Send your suggestions to us at tips (at) dealbreaker (dot) com. Or leave them in the comments below. We’re sure we can make this work. But we need your help. Thanks!