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How Not To Apply For A Banking Job

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This black clad young man [in the photo we have now replaced with a small picture of a dancing kitten] is Aleksey Vayner, Yale student and prospective investment banker. He recently applied for a job at a major investment bank (at least one) and included this video resume entitled “Impossible Is Nothing.”
It’s set up as a faux-interview with Aleksey. He begins by instructing us with all the confidence of a motivational speaker: “Success is an internal transformation. It’s not an external event.” We see him lift weights (complete with subtitles telling us that he’s bench pressing 405 lbs). He skis. He plays tennis. He even dances! (“If you’re going to dance, then DANCE! But do it with passion,” he says.)
Watch closely. You may be interviewing young Aleksey soon.
Impossible Is Nothing []
Update: Sadly, Aleksey's site is down, and the video with it. The links above are dead.
Updatier: Horray! The smart kids over at IvyGate made a copy and put it up on YouTube. So if you haven't see it yet you can hurry over there or watch it right here at DealBreaker.