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How Not To Apply For A Job In Banking, Revisited.

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Well, that was a close call. For a few moments we were worried you might miss out on Aleksey Vayner's now world-famous (or at least Wall Street famous) video "Impossible Is Nothing." His site went down and the video with it. Aleksey may have had second thoughts. Or maybe all the traffic it was getting crashed it.
No need to worry. The video is back, courtesy of the gang at IvyGate who were thoughtful enough to preserve the video on YouTube. (Link here.)
You might also want to check out the website for his, uhm, "hedge fund." As commenter Mike pointed out, the "Our Philosophy" section is a work of wonder. The key to success at "Vayner Capital Management, LLC" is that they will "Never Lose Money."
And one last note: we still cannot get over the nagging feeling that somehow this is an elaborate set up. We've had confirmation from a Yalie that he's for real but still. The name is so Dickensian-perfect it's unbelievable. Vayner? Vain-er?