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How To Profit From The Coming War

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Peter Cohan at Blogginstocks gathers together various news stories indicating that an October Surprise Iran invasion might be in the works in the weeks leading up to the midterm elections. His suggestion: profit! More specifically:

How can you profit from the October surprise? Well, buying oil company stocks is one way. ExxonMobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM), ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP), BP plc (NYSE ADR: BP), and Petroleos Brasileiro (NYSE ADR: PBR) are a few that come to mind. And with oil prices below $59, the price of a barrel of oil would climb along with these stocks on news of the Iran invasion.

As we’ve noted before, the Bush administration is highly sensitive to Muslim sentiment and is unlikely to launch an attack during Ramadan. But Ramadan ends in late October—October 24—so make sure you time this thing right.
Could there be an October Surprise? Something to do with Iran? Can you trade on it? [BlogginStocks]