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How To Succeed At Anything?

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New Yorker Editor David Remnick dropped by Princeton to give a lecture the other day. The Daily Princetonian reports an interesting exchange during the qestion and answer period.

When asked by a student in attendance if he had any advice for Princeton students interested in journalism, Remnick — known for his self-deprecating humor in conversation — responded: "Goldman Sachs."

Okay. We get it. Real world experience can help journalists because, after all, the world they are writing about is supposed to resemble the real world. But David, if you send your promising journalists to Goldman, how are you going to get them to accept journalist salaries afterwards? What’s more, how many aspiring journalists can even handle the basic math required to work at Goldman? From what we can tell, most experienced journalists couldn’t handle the math.
Remnick '81 faults journalists [Daily Princetonian]