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Hurd Hires Long Time Ally As H-P Ethicists

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Mark Hurd was clearly a winner in the recent debacle a Hewlett-Packard. The chief executive of the company that has run into so much trouble for a leak investigation that ended up with investigators stealing the phone records of directors and reporters, Hurd publicly took responsibility for the abuses. This ‘buck stops here’ attitude favorably impressed investors and other observers. No-one really seems to think Hurd is at fault in the investigation but his refusal to duck-and-cover seems admirable, especially when contrasted with defensive finger pointing by former Hewlett-Packard’s ex-chairman Pattie Dunn.
When Dunn was forced to step down as leader of the board of directors, Hurd was elevated to her spot. Now he has hired a new ethics officer for the company—attorney Jon Hoak, who worked with Hurd for ten years at NCR Corp.
One word of caution. The leak investigation that went out of control began as a sort of ethics investigation. As Pattie Dunn has gone through pains to explain, it proceeded according to all the dictates of modern corporate governance theory. But it still went badly wrong. As we've seen fetishizing procedural and structural reform—dividing management from the board of directors, professional ethicists and the like—can obscure more important elements of good corporate governance such as judgment and good sense.
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