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Is India Running Out Of Smart People?

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Just in time for Hindu Christmas, The New York Times today runs an article on India’s dearth of smart workers. That might strike a lot of finance people in New York as surprising—Wall Street seems pretty well-populated by folks from the subcontinent. But just because there are a lot of smart, skilled people in India—people who want to work in finance, become engineers, programmers, etc—that doesn’t mean there is an endless supply.
Our Indian friends tell us that the problem is rooted in the country’s wildly divergent population groups. Some groups just make better workers for the information age—either because they have better access to higher education, are more familiar with the culture of international capitalism, are less prone to disease and other afflictions that can retard intellectual progress or just have better native intelligence. We’ve never been to India and can’t quite evaluate this kind of claim.
Steve Sailer says the mainstream media isn’t helping because it is somewhat allergic to questions about intelligence, fearing that someone, somewhere might draw racist conclusions from the facts.
So we turn to DealBreaker readers. What’s up with India? Has India reached the bottom of its talented talent pool or is this just a temporary problem? (Bonus question if you can explain why the New York Times is running this as Diwali kicks off.)

Skills Gap Hurts Technology Boom in India
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