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I've Got The Skin Of A Baby's Butt--No, Better Than A Baby's Butt--And If You People Can't 'Get' That Then Screw All Of You. You Know What? No. Just Get Out Of Here. Just Leave. You're All Fired. All Of You Are Fired. All Of You. Fired. You. All. Fired.

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"I'm known for having nice skin. My skin is my strength," Trump told us [at Page Six] the other day. That's why he flipped out when he opened The Post Thursday and saw the way he looked in a full-page ad for the Learning Annex Real Estate & Wealth Expo at Javits Center next month. "I said, 'Holy Bleep! I look like Robert Redford.' I ran to the mirror. I don't have all kinds of acne and moles growing out of my forehead." Someone had mistakenly tried to enhance the photo. "I raised hell," Trump said.

[Then he (most-likely) sobbed into a gold plated pillow in baby Barron's nursery, refusing visitors all evening until Ivanka knocked on the door and offered to do "Anything to make [him] feel better. Anything. Anything."]
Skinned Alive [Page Six]