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Mark Cuban Still Thinks Google Is Dumb

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We have to admit that sometime in 2001 we became convinced that the era where you could start an internet company and two years later sell it for hundreds of millions was over. After the first internet bubble burst we assumed that companies located on WWW street would forever be discounted by big money burned in the bubble.
But we were wrong. A smarty pants website can still make you rich, especially if it’s user driven and counts as two-point-oh. Does this make sense? Mark Cuban, at least, think Google is kind of dumb for buying YouTube.

It will be interesting to see just how google reconciles selling videos like Crazy in Love from Sony, when the same video is available as a user upload for free from youtube.
it will be interesting to see how Fox reacts to this deal Fox owns content. Neither google or YT does. Could Fox, the owner of Myspace put GooTube in a huge hole by being legally aggressive and going after every video of Stewy from Family Guy , American Idol, any of their TV shows ? The same with their movies. Beyond just Gootube, (and I mash them together with nothing but love :), Fox could make them look real bad by using supoaenas to go after individual Gootube users. Fox is also a stickler for DRM, they aint gonna like having their content floating DRM free around the net. Sure, myspace would have to clean up some of their own videos, but it would be a far easier chore than Gootube has. Now that would be a celebrity lawyer match worth watching.

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