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New Goldman Partners: Now We’re Getting Somewhere!

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Okay. Thanks to our well-informed and gossipy readers, we’re starting to fill in the details for a few of the new Goldman partners. Go team!
We've got some information on six of the newbies. That leaves 109 to go! And even on the folks we've been able to get something, there’s still a lot of information we need to know. (And, of course, even what we do “know” is more or less unconfirmed right now.) So keep your comments and emails coming. We’ll keep updating our new partner database as we go along.
Susan J. Scher—Capital markets, New York. Middlebury undergrad, MBA Columbia Business School (1991). Started at Salomon Brothers before business school, returned there afterwards. At Goldman since 1997. Better known as Susie. (Pictured left.)
Peter Comisar—Investment banking. Possibly based out of Los Angeles.
Jin Yong Cai—Goldman Sachs Asia. Hong Kong. Commenters view: “a jerk” with “good family background which comes in very handy for a firm like GS in cracking China deals.”
Richard A. Kimball Jr—New York. Son-in-law of Blackstone chairman Pete Peterson.
Tim Flynn—Co-head of European leveraged finance. London.
Simon Mansfield—head of European distressed debt trading. London.
Lucas van Praag is spokesman and head of Global Communications. Commenters view: van Praag “must be the best paid PR in the world!”