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NYT to Friendster: There's Really Nothing Left To Say Except That You Fucked Up Big Time

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The New York Times has never crossed a wound she didn't want to rub salt in and Friendster, the poor man's MySpace, YouTube, etc, etc, etc is no exception. (To all the fourteen year olds out there who read our site-- there was a time before FaceBook, you snot-nosed punks, and we know that because we're old!). She writes,

Roughly once a week, David L. Sze, a venture capitalist at Greylock Partners, hears from entrepreneurs who say they have the next MySpace, the copycat social networking site that has trounced Friendster. “The counter to that is, ‘Tell me why you aren’t going to be the next Friendster,’ ” Mr. Sze said. “It’s become the iconic case of failure.”

There's also an adorable cartoon depicting "Friendster-Man" at a party drinking his own keg and gorging himself on a bowl of what appear to be pigs-in-a-blanket, while everyone else-- "MySpace-Chick," "YouTube-Dudes," you know, the usual Friday night crew-- couples up and ignores Mr. Friendster: The Wallflower at the Web Party. The whole thing is actually pretty awesome, so much so that we wish we'd come up with it ourselves, as you know we never miss a chance to kick someone when they're down. Perhaps this silver lining in this whole thing is that the Gray Lady's finally revealed herself as the Brenda Walsh we always knew she was. Which, we've got to say, is a pretty great consolation prize.
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