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'Party' Crash: Reuters

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So we went to this thing* last night about “public figures, private lives” that Reuters was hosting and my but it was fun. We’re sharing this with you because DB here is, and we don’t know if you know this, a Wall Street Tabloid. The talk didn’t have much to do with “Wall Street,” as it were, but lots about Tabloids, taking pictures of people having sex with people who aren’t their husbands/wives, outing people who don’t want to be outed--don’t even think about taking us to task for that!--etc, etc. All stuff right up our alley, basically. It’s Friday so we’ll spare you the gorgy details—however you should know that the bartender Reuts employs makes a fantastic 7&7—and just offer some of the more memorable sound bytes:
Bonnie Fuller (editorial director of American Media, which includes The National Enquirer, Star, and so on and so forth): [on Star] “We’ve got standards.”
“We’re very concerned about getting the stories right.”
“We polygraph people.”
Paul Holmes (moderator and Reuters correspondent) introducing Fuller: “Gwyneth Paltrow has called [her] the devil, and [she ’s] been accused of peddling the magazine version of crack.”
Hilary B. Rosen (regular contributor on MSNBC and CNBC): [on politicians as public figures] “If you’re gay or have a secret Jewish grandmother, I want to know.”
“I tried to pitch a show to my friends at NBC called ‘Gay or Not Gay’.”
Jacob Weisberg (Editor-in-Chief of Slate, column “The Big Idea” appears on the editorial page of The Financial Times): “I was a Congressional Page myself,” (with noted glee).
Gary Morgan (CEO of Splash News and Picture Agency): “If we can’t get sued—we’ll run it.”
Floyd Abrams (partner in the law firm of Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP, William J. Brennan, Jr. Visiting Professor of First Amendment Law at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, was co-counsel to The New York Times in the Pentagon Papers case, represented CNN in seeking to persuade the Senate to permit the public to view its deliberations on whether to convict President Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky Affair, father of MSNBC’s Dan Abrams): made fun of Paul Holmes (a Briton) for pronouncing ‘privacy’ priv-uh-see.
*P.S. We were that spy. Lance-- call us.