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Patricia Dunn Lashes Out At Tom Perkins

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We’re not sure that Pattie Dunn deserves to be charged with felonies. But we are sure that she, like, totally deserves to be burdened with the responsibility for the leak investigation that went too far. She was the one who initiated it.
Her denials are actually getting weird. At the congressional hearing, Pattie tried to pass the buck to Mark Hurd. Now she’s blaming Tom Perkins.

"It was a disinformation, a classic disinformation campaign," Dunn said. "He set the mind-set for basically everything that's believed about this right now."

Okay, Pattie. Can we talk for a minute? This isn’t helping. You are sounding even more paranoid now than everyone already thought you were. Perkins might have it out for you but he doesn’t need to orchestrate a disinformation campaign to convince people that your investigation went too far when it started stealing the phone records of Hewlett-Packard board members. That just plain old information.
Ex-chairwoman says director instigated 'disinformation'[Reuters]