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President George Bush Uses “The Google”

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Okay. It’s not exactly an original point—but our president sure speaks strangley. Remember his line about “the internets?” It wasn’t just the odd sounding pluralization that made it so weird. It was the misplaced article—the “the” where none is usually used. Well, he’s at it again.
CNBC last night aired an interview with the president, and when asked about whether he uses Google the president replied: “One of the things I’ve used on the Google is to pull up maps.”
It’s not a big deal but it sure is weird. Where does this misplaced article come from? Is this some regional tick that we aren’t aware of or is it something else?
You can watch the video here (but only if you are running WIndows, of course, because they are hosted in some space that is partnered up with Microsoft).