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Re-Introducing the “Spot Market!”

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As we continue to roll-out new features here at DealBreaker—with some exciting news coming later this week—we’re also going to start reviving some old features. Today’s New/Old Feature—The Spot Market. Here’s how it works—you catch site of a Wall Street notable anywhere, anytime, doing anything, and you email it to tips (at) dealbreaker (dot) com (subject line: “Spot Market.”). The exact definition of who is notable is flexible and generous—when in doubt, send it in.
For an example of how this thing is supposed to work, check out the “Eyes of the Law” feature over on Above the Law.
Remember lads and lasses, this is one of those “reader participation” thingies that will only work with your help. So get those spottings in stat! And remember, here at DealBreaker we keep the identity of all our tipsters completely confidential (unless you specify that you want credit).