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Skilling Gets 24 Years

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The verdict is in! Jeff Skilling got sentenced to 24 years for his role in the Enron collapse. Certainly one of the harshest white collar crime sentences on record but short of the record-breaking number that some had predicted. In our reader poll, 13% picked 21 to 25 years for his sentence. Sixty-three percent of our readers who responded to the poll thought Skilling would get 20 years or less.
So why did our respondents think the sentence would be lighter? We suspect that twenty-four years strikes a lot of people involved in business and finance as extremely harsh for the crimes Skilling was convicted of. In any case, Jeff's probably had his last margarita for a long time. Don't worry Jeff, we'll order one for you at the bar tonight and then give it away to a stranger in your honor. Preferably a good looking stranger with post-modern moral views.
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