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That Aleksey Vayner Press Release

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You asked for it, so we got it. In the party invitation we mentioned earlier, Aleksey Vayner mentioned an press release promoting his book, Women's Silent Tears. And yeah, you've heard of this book before. It's the one that IvyGate discovered to contain passages amazingly similiar to those found in the online Holocaust Encyclopedia.
After the jump, you can read the release.


*Release Source: LuLu Press


Aleksey Vayner Publishes Revolutionary Work that Re-examines the Holocaust Through the Perspective of Female Survivors

New York City, NY-AUGUST 11, 2006- Aleksey Vayner presents us with a new perspective on the Holocaust in Eastern Europe by examining the difficulties, horrors, and experiences true only to female survivors. In Women’s Silent Tears Vayner presents a unique gendered perspective on the Holocaust, absent from mass-publications of this sort. Women’s Silent Tears had been published in conjunction with Lulu press (

), the world’s fastest-growing publisher of print-on-demand books.

Women’s Silent Tears provides a gendered analysis of women who were caught up in the firestorm of Nazism. By emphasizing what happened to women, Women’s Silent Tears reveals what otherwise would remain hidden from history: a fuller picture of the unprecedented and unrelenting killings that the 'Final Solution's' anti-Semitism and racism entailed.

Aleksey Vayner wrote Women’s Silent Tears to help preserve the horrors of Jewish history that seem so quickly forgotten, and to reveal aspects of history that would remain overlooked due to a lack of focus on gender-specific studies on the Holocaust.

Members of the Jewish National Fund say that “Vayner’s work is a powerful contribution to the most revered dream - preserving Jewish history and a Jewish state.” Another author on the Holocaust says that “Vayner’s account is a necessary read for anyone who wants to know about women’s experience in the Holocaust and to reflect on how interconnected and similar people are on the most subtle emotional levels.”

Women’s Silent Tears is currently available for purchase at

All proceeds from sales of this work are donated to

, a non-profit helping immigrant children live healthy and fulfilling lives.

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Aleksey Vayner is a Yale University scholar. He is a professional investment advisor with 10 years of investing experience. He is also a professional athlete, competing in martial arts, tennis, downhill racing, shooting, ballroom dancing, and powerlfiting. This is his first book.

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