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That Aleksey Vayner Video: 'Today' Joins The Pile-On

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Update: Matt Lauer kicks Aleksey in the proverbial, nationally televised balls.
We had our clothes on and were legitimately about to walk out the door when Matt and Meredith got in on the fun. As everyone knows, we'd never say no to a roll in the hay with M&M so for all those who haven't seen it-- you sir and that guy behind you, yes, with the checked shirt-- we're bringing it back, one last time.
That's right. It's the Aleksey Vayner video. We know we've run this before but this is a full-service website and we don't want you you to have to sully your hands in our archives, we're brining you the link once again. (And our thanks to the kids at IvyGate for posting this up on Veoh.)