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The Aguirre-Mack-Samberg-Pequot-Heller-Credit Suisse-Morgan Stanley-SEC-GAO-Grassley Scandal Goes Meta And Picks Up Two New Players

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The New York Sun thinks that the allegations made against Pequot Capital and Morgan Stanley chief John Mack have been getting a little too much ink from the New York Times. And they think they know why.

Mystified New Yorkers were left wondering what could possibly explain the Times's fascination with this story. Some might say it's Mr. Mack's connection to Mr. Bush, but it could just as easily be Mr. Mack's connection to Morgan Stanley. That is the bank that, earlier this year, withheld its proxy votes for members of the board of the New York Times Co. to protest the Sulzberger family's preferential voting status. A Morgan Stanley analyst complained at the time that the Times was underperforming as a business in large part because of the ossified management perpetuated by the ruling family's use of super-voting shares to control the Times despite a relatively puny stake in the Times company.

It's a scandal about the scandal! And just insanely paranoid enough to possibly be true!
‘A Full Airing' [New York Sun]
[Disclaimer: John Carney has written for the New York Sun and the Times, and he's friendly with a couple of the girls at both papers. Morgan Stanley was a client on several deals he worked on. He's never met John Mack or anyone named Sulzberger. George Bush won't return his phone calls.]