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The Hedge Fund Guy Who Reportedly Married His Daughter, Revisited

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Remember Bruce McMahan? A few weeks ago we pointed you to the story in the Broward Palm-Beach New Times detailing allegations that high-flying hedge fund manager Bruce McMahan had married his daughter. Well now the New Times is back, responding the denials from McMahan and his family with even more evidence that he really did marry his adult daughter.
The most disturbing/entertaining part of the new story is the New Times recounting of some rather odd defenses of the family. We won’t spoil it by summarizing. Here’s the details from the New Times.

But getting back to our question: What was it about Linda that allowed her to participate in this kind of behavior?
Oddly, a possible answer to that question may have come from Linda's half-sister, Heather McMahan, who jumped to the defense of her family's honor in a story in the New York Post last week.

"[Linda] was a very sexual person, like most McMahans tend to be. We have a pretty strong libido — all of us," Heather told the Post in a story in which she went on to describe her beloved half sis as a sexual freak show. At a party, for example, Heather said that Linda turned a goodbye peck into a Girls Gone Wild moment.
"She put her hands on both my cheeks and goes right for my mouth," Heather told the Post. "I pulled back, and she said: 'Wait a minute. If you don't let me kiss you on the lips, how are you going to let me kiss you down there again?'"

Now, keep in mind Heather told these things to the Post because she wanted to convince the American public that Linda and her father would never, ever engage in an incestuous relationship.
Let's break down Heather's reasoning: Heather assures us that Linda would never sleep with Dad — and she knows this how? Because Linda made sexual come-ons to her own half sister.
I guess that's the kind of logic that makes sense only in families who control more money than the gross national product of Uganda.

There are more pictures of the alleged marriage and other gross-out, weirdo details at the New Times, so be sure the read the whole thing.

McMahan Family Values
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