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Today in Aleksey Vayner: Everyone Hating On Aleksey

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It’s all plagiarism, publicity and murder today in Aleksey Vayner. Gawker and IvyGate are full up with reader emails about the young man. He's made it into the mainstream media--not just the New York Sun. Our favorite comment comes from one Gawker reader who notes: “It seems that he learned his English by watching late night infomercials. His speech is just a randomized string of motivational cliches.”
•IvyGate spills all it has on Aleksey. The gist: bragged about killing people in Tibet, kinda sucked at tennis, might have ripped off his hedge fund’s website, totally ripped off his cease and desist letter, and comes off as, you know, totally crazy-pants. [IvyGate]
•Gawker uses up its monthly quota on the word “douchebag” trying to sum up its readers thoughts on Aleksey. [Gawker]
•Aleksey hits the Associate Press, who note that Aleksey was “highlighted on blogs” but seem a bit allergic to noticing which blogs actually highlighted it. (Credit should go to IvyGate, Wall Street Folly, Gawker and some other blog you’ve probably heard of.) [Houston Chronicle]
•Aleksey finally goes international, hitting Britain’s Metro website. [Metro]
•Aleskey is fit to print. He’s made the New York Times now. [DealBook]
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