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Today in Aleksey Vayner: The Video That Keeps On Giving

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The Aleksey Vayner story lives on. Nothing new has really been uncovered. It’s still all about the video and a few other crazy things he’s allegedly said. Like killing 24 in the caves of Tibet. But (at least today) we won’t let the lack of any actual events deny you your afternoon fix of Our Man At Yale.
•Aleksey hits London’s Daily Mail and the Sun.
The New York Post calls his video a “six minute egomercial.”
•David Weidner likes his style.
•The president of Charity Navigator calls for Yale to expel Aleksey
•The Cornell Daily sums up the news from New Haven for the kids in Ithaca.
•And, in case you missed it the first time around (which many of you did because you keep emailing the link to us), on pages 12 and 13 of this issue of the Rumpus there is a hilarious article on the pre-video debacle Aleksey Garber (now Vayner)
•Gawker initiates a the Douchebag Hall of Fame in Aleksey’s honor.
Let’s just admit that this Aleksey Vayner thing is probably already over. When even IvyGate starts sounding tired of the story, you know it’s on its last legs. It’ll probably continue to snake its way through the mainstream media and no doubt some people are just now discovering the “Impossible Is Nothing” video (if so, here it is!). But we’ve almost had enough of it now. Unless something actually, you know, like, happens we might have to retire our daily Vayner updates. Let us know what you think.