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Today In Aleksey Vayner: YouTube Downs Video, IvyGate Puts It Right Back Up.

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Aleksey Vayner’s attempt to quell distribution of his “Impossible Is Nothing” video won a small victory yesterday and then suffered a quick reversal. After his video became an overnight viral sensation—first making the rounds in emails forwarded around investment banks and then on blogs—Vayner initially removed the video from his website.
When the blog IvyGate responded by uploading the video to YouTube, Vayner sent cease and desist letters to IvyGate and other websites which embedded the video (including DealBreaker). He also asked YouTube to remove the video. Last night IvyGate received an email from YouTube, notifying them that they were indeed going to remove the video. Vayner probably went to be last night feeling like a champ.
IvyGate, however, wasn’t going out like that. It lawyered up and got reassurances that posting the video would count as “fair use.” And now the video is back up, this time at Veoh.
Calling Aleksey Vayner's Bluff [IvyGate]