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Tom Freston Still In Denial Stage of Viacom Breakup

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Apparently recently fired Viacom executive Tom Freston is still in that stage of the break-up. You know, the part where you keep saying how great a girl she was even though she just dumped you. You had so many good times together. You’ll totally always feel “passionate” about her.
Next stop is the Cole Bar in the St. Regis, and few too many cocktails. Next thing you know you’re partying with folks you barely know backstage at the Mercury lounge, coming on to actresses until their bodyguards put you back in your place and calling that bitch who dumped you a stupid slut.
Sorry. That might have been oversharing. But seriously, Tom, you’ve got to get over her. She’s moving on. Seeing other people. It’s kind of sad that you keep talking about how pretty she was. C'mon, Tom. Your romance is over.
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