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What Gets Carly Hot and Damp?

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The blog for the 92nd Street Y has an interview with former Carly Fiorina up today, in advance of her talk there on October 15th. Somehow they get through the entire interview without once mentioning the word “pretexting” or the name “Pattie Dunn” to her.
Here's how it starts.

1. When most people think of a bi-coastal life, New York/L.A. comes to mind. How would you describe the life of D.C./Silicon Valley splitters?
Most people think of D.C. and Silicon Valley as totally separate worlds. Certainly geeks and wonks speak different languages. And, in the summer, the evenings in D.C. are hot and damp, while the air in Silicon Valley is cool and dry. But it is the things the two places have in common that I love: the view of the water-although one’s a river and one’s a bay; the towering monuments-although some are marble and some are redwood; the beauty of the rising and setting sun-although in one place my view is framed by bridges (Memorial and Key) and memorials and in the other by mountains. Two beautiful places where the people who live there think they’re the center of the universe!

Now go read the rest.

92YQ: Carly Fiorina
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