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What the Business Mags Are Saying...

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In Business Week:
$$$ Amercica's top B-Schools: Who made the list and why?
$$$ Putting a value on social networking sites: Are we on the tail-end of a Web 2.0 bubble?
$$$ High-tech disenfranchisement: Can we really trust untested electronic voting systems to minimize the error of casting and counting ballots?
$$$ Analog Devices Inc.: A godfather in stock option grant manipulation.
In Forbes:
$$$ Ex-Desperado Skilling awaits a possible 20-year sentence for orchestration of one of America's biggest financial scandals.
$$$ IBM and Amazon in a legal battle over web patent infrigements made by the online retailer.
$$$ Third quarter losses for Ford Motor reach $5.8 billion; "Unacceptable," says CEO Alan Mulally.
$$$ "Why Apple Won," and some more insight into the managerial genius that is Steve Jobs.
$$$ Natural talent or good old-fashioned hard work? The secrets of "greatness."
$$$ Anwar Ibrahim's thoughts on corporate accountability in the developing world.
$$$ Backdoor options: Amercan Tower's own tactics for hiding above-average compensations for executives.
$$$ Wall Street has got it's eyes on cable market: Why Comcast, Liberty Global and Charter Communications are the hot stocks to watch.