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What the Business Mags Are Saying...

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In Business Week:
$$$ Is there an entrepreneurial gene? A group of experts provides us with very few answers on a question that's crossed all of our minds. [Is There a Gene for Business?]
$$$ A college degree can earn you up to $23,000 more per year than a high school diploma -- climbing interest rates on student loans and cutbacks in financial aid could put that number in the negatives.
$$$ This ain'tis your grandpa's MySpace: social-networking for baby boomers. [MySpace for Baby Boomers]
$$$ A clear recipe for peace: loans, multinational banks and the developing world [What the Nobel Prize Means for Microcredits]
In Forbes
$$$ Former CEO Andrew J. McKelvey may be using his own site to seek employment opportunities (funny) following his resignation from Monster Worldwide in the wake of far-reaching options scandal. [Options Monster Claims a New Victim]
$$$ A big week for Merck, who bought out Sirna Therapeutics for $1 billion AND won FDA approval for its diabetes pill Januvia [Merck's $1 Billion Bet/Merck Starts Diabetes Race]
$$$ Also a big week for EMI, who will be losing publishing executive Martin Bandier AND licensing former actor Dean Martin's name, image and likeness. [Music Boss Bails Early/EMI to License Dean Martin's Name, Image]
In Fortune
$$$ When the well-fed can't leave 'good enough' alone: the fairly ridiculous rage of America's lower upper class. [Revolt of the Fairly Rich]
$$$ Steve Jobs says Negroponte's international One Laptop Per Child initiative, "looks like a science project." Negroponte's response: "Your company backdates" [This PC Wants to Save the World]
$$$ Murdoch to repay the $50,000 per month bill he incurred News Corp after he (and the SEC) decided it's a little inappropriate to make others pay your rent when you're a billionaire; investors are unmoved by the findings.


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