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What Would Donald Eat?

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Ever thought to yourself, ‘Man, I would love to know what the Donald likes to sink his teeth into,’ in a non ‘anything thirty years his junior, vaguely resembles his own daughter’ way? Yeah, neither have we. But the brass over at Buckhead Beef is hoping we’re not a statistically representative bunch, as it has recently entered into a licensing deal with the big guy that will put the Trump brand on its steaks. DT’s really going to have to bring his A-game on this one, as the partnership’s likely come about as a result of his 2004 bankruptcy filing, wherein The Don owes Buckhead $715,240. The insouciance with which he approached The Apprentice is certainly not going to fly out on the ranch.
Trump Steaks. Ehhh? [New York Inquirer via Gawker]