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Write-Offs: 10.05.06

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$$$Investment banker looking to pay $500 for an "orally talented" woman, draws line at prostitues. [Craigslist]
$$$Executive Coloring Book. (This is me. I am an executive. Executives are important. They go to important offices and do important things. Color my underwear important.) (This is my suit. Color it gray or I will lose my job.) (This is my attache case. It helps people know I am an executive. Color it black. It makes me look efficient. Organized. Competant. I wonder how it opens.) [Adtothebone]
$$$Melissa Francis: Child Star [Crossing Wall Street]
$$$Tato Malzoni: (print) Porn Star [Wall $treet Folly]
a; 1; d; 2; “I’m paying for this flight with my back dating bonuses.”
b; 4; a; 4; “Rosebud.”
c; 6; e; 1; “Did anyone see my cover of II in that Superman costume? Yeah, I looked good.”
d; 2; b; 5; “Screw the warm towels—I’ve got a suitcase full of Viagra in the overhead compartment. And I didn’t pay for any of it.”
e; 3; c; 3; “Email me at larry must die (all one word) at”
f; 5; f; 6; “Email me at sergey must die (all one word) at” [DealBreaker]