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A Logical Course Of Action

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Say you're a receptionist at a financial firm, and you've always dreamed of one day working in a hedge fund; maybe with Soros, maybe Stevie, who knows, whatever. So you become a dominatrix, drum up some contacts, money, etc. Life is good, you're on the right track, in no time you're going to be saying "short sell" or "long sell" or whatever it is they say around those parts. But then, for some reason unknown to your colleagues-- fellow receptionists and dominatrices alike-- you stop that racket. Business suffers. You wake up in a cold sweat every night because-- you might not get to one day work for a hedge fund. Basically, you're Gina Pane, 31. What do you do next? The answer is apparently more scatological than it would seem:

"He wanted to go to a motel in the Bronx where I would defecate on him, but I told him I was uncomfortable going to the Bronx," testified the dominatrix, Gina Pane, 31, buttoned up in an olive-gray suit with her black hair pulled back in a bun. "I suggested that we go into a woody area. He was very excited."
The officer, she testified, performed a sexual act as she finished.

'Dominatrix' alleges bizarre sexcapade with cop [The Journal News via Gawker]