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A Very Bad Good Year

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From this review, it’s kind of hard to tell if the new Ridley Scott movie “A Good Year” really sucks or if the Village Voice just hates investment bankers. That's a trick question. The correct answer is: all of the above.

…Such is the setup of Peter Mayle's novel A Good Year, the perfect diversion for misogynistic investment bankers whose personal assistants neglected to pack the new issue of Vanity Fair in their Vuitton weekenders. Soon to be ignored at a multiplex near you, the film version arrives courtesy of screenwriter Marc Klein and that unsurpassed master of the effervescent rom-com, Sir Ridley Scott. A third-act intrigue concerning the provenance of an exceptionally rare, hideously expensive wine has been eliminated, with the focus now shifted, aimlessly, on the primitive life lessons learned by Max (Russell Crowe). Will he come to appreciate the simple things in life? You know, like sleeping in, luxuriating on the terrace, and resisting the urge to destroy people? Max will be helped in these matters by the affections of the egregiously named waitress Fanny Chenal (Marion Cotillard), "Pussy Dior" having presumably been trademarked for an upcoming Bond Girl.

Heart Attack [Village Voice]