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A Very Expensive Drive

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What you see here is the image of a Carrera GT wrecked when the owner let his friend take it for a test spin during a party in Port Chester, NY last Saurday. So what’s this doing on DealBreaker? Well, let’s let Autoblog (from whom we nicked this photo) describe the aftermath of the wreck.

And the car appears to be totaled, much to the chagrin of Porschephiles. But here's the part you aren't reading anywhere else: the man who wrecked the car made good. As we mentioned, he happened to be a very big businessman, and we now know that he's also a standup guy. He bought the car's owner another Carrera GT the next day. With lower mileage on the odometer to boot.

Now we’re told that these things run for between $300-500k. And the driver had it the next day—no waiting for insurance payments or anything messy like that. Put that kind of disposable income together with the right next to Greenwich, Connecticut location and we’re starting to suspect that the wealthy driver might be a prominent (or reclusive) hedge fund manager.
The driver reportedly escaped with merely a broken foot. So, the question is, who came limping into work on Monday?
The Carrera GT crash in NY: What you didn't know [Autoblog]