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Blogging From Wall Street

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We’re literally blogging from Wall Street today, just a few steps down from the stock exchange, while DealBreaker HQ relocates from our Tribeca haunt to a more secure location. A quick run down of our adventures so far.
•We chatted up one cute little Goldman floor broker in Starbucks. We asked her why her trading jacket was so, uhm, dignified. The navy blue is really is a lot easier on the eyes than a lot of the jackets.
•It’s effin cold today.
•Deutsche bank employs the Wall Street equivalent of the guards at Buckingham Palace. The dark-paramilitary garb clad guards didn’t blink an eye when we asked them if they played bad guys in Die Hard 3.
•We tried blogging from the steps of the old Federal Building but the cops were eyeing us suspiciously. And its really effin cold today.
•Starwich makes an excellent ham sandwich.
•There are far fewer bars around Wall Street than in Tribeca. Those guys at Citigroup sure have it good when it comes to happy hours.
•There are far fewer babies around Wall Street than Tribeca. We’re not sure if this is connected to the previous item.
•It’s effin cold today.
•Does Harry's do happy hour?