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Borat, Of Goldman Sachs, On Leno Show With Martha Stewart

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We've pretty much ignored this whole Borat thing around here. But over the weekend too many DealBreaker-ish threads came together for us not to try to throw the rope around our neck and see if anything snaps when we jump. Three quick points and then we're kicking this stool out from under ourselves.
1. We're supposed to know these things but we only just recently found out that Sascha Baron Cohen worked for Goldman Sachs after college. (Thanks to our nearly omniscient commenters!)
2. The clip of Borat on the Late Show with Martha Stewart is amazing not because of anything said the professional funny men, Leno and Cohen. It's Martha's stone cold unflappability. Ever since jail, that bitch don't blink. Watch what happens when Leno asks her if she's ever had two men.
3. We thought the brilliance of Borat was that it was teaching progressive people that it was okay to laugh at foreigners. It turns out it's all about teaching us about bigotry and indifference to bigotry. How boring! (Via Steve Sailer.)