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CraigsList Vixen-Villain Victimizes “Fortune 500 CEO"

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Meet Jessica Wolcott. Or, rather, you should probably hope you haven't actually met Jessica. You see, she’s the 22-year-old who pleaded guilty last week to extorting $125,000 from a man identified in a U.S. District Court complaint as the chief executive of a Fortune 500 Company. Smoking Gun has the story.

The CEO of a Fortune 500 company was the target of a six-figure extortion plot hatched by a woman who first met the businessman online and then later threatened to go public with details of his extramarital affairs, The Smoking Gun has learned. According to an FBI agent, the New York executive acknowledged that on "multiple occasions" he trolled for women on Craigslist and a second site "devoted to bringing together attractive women and wealthy men who were seeking romantic relationships." It was during the CEO's time on Craigslist earlier this year that he met Jessica Wolcott, a 22-year-old who pleaded guilty last week to extorting $125,000 from the executive. According to a detailed U.S. District Court complaint (a copy of which you'll find below), Wolcott began sending the executive threatening e-mails in August, warning that unless he paid $125,000, she would tell his wife that "you've been looking for a fill in for her...After all these years of being married this is how you repay your vows? You are disgusting."

The complaint redacts the identity of the victim, of course. But it does offer a few tantalizing clues. Which already has us playing the old guess who game. First, we know he's the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. So that narrows it down to, well, 500 possible CEOs right? And we learn that the CEO apparently lives in Connecticut. What's more, after they introduced themselves online, Jessica and our mystery CEO met in person in a Mount Kisco bar, in Westchester County. So we're probably not talking about the far-off reaches of Connecticut. Think Greenwich or Stamford. Other details: he’s married and has children. And, well, that’s about it for clues.
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