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Cramer vs. Cramer

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This promotional video is oddly reminiscent of, well, the debate between Cramer and his critics we linked to earlier this afternoon. Specifically this exchange (heavily edited here because we know you don't actually want to, like, read things) on the merits of the "C" block of "Mad Money"--the infamous "Lightning Round."

Cramer: It is obvious that there are three important blocks to the show, A, B and D. It is also obvious that the lightening round does not have the same homework-derived analysis of those three blocks. The fact that you weight the lightening round equally to those more thought-out blocks to me evaluates the show unfairly...
CXO: I am puzzled why you have included the "Lightning Round" on the show if you do not regard it as well thought-out...Note that the Wikipedia entry for Mad Money refers to the "Lightning Round" segment of the show as " far the most popular..."

Now that we come to think of it, this is a very weird exchange. Cramer says his critics are taking the Lightning Round too seriously. And his critics are saying it needs to be taken seriously. That's something you don't see everyday: an analyst disparaging his own calls and his critics drawing attention to their importance.