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Despising Jeffrey Epstein

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As long as we’re on the subject of Ron Burkle, we might as well note that there’s something not-quite-right about the criticism of the guy leveled by that celebrity-and-media gossip blog called Gawker. More particularly, Gawker has been challenging the notion that Burkle “despises” Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy money manager indicted earlier this year after police uncovered evidence that he had been getting naked and masturbating while local high school girls manipulated his flesh.
We too had thought the two men were friends. But just because they may have been friends back before Epstein was indicted doesn’t mean they’re friends after. This might be exactly the sort of thing that could make someone go from enjoying someone’s company to despising them. We certainly didn’t have anything against Epstein before the stories came out. So, like, maybe Burkle despises him now. And wouldn’t that kind of be a good thing? We mean, wouldn’t it show a bit of character, a moral compass, that sort of thing?