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Economists As Celebrities: Stop The Insanity

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The LA Times is running a piece on economists as celebrities (hat tip Barry). Well, they're not quite celebrities yet. More like blogebrities. But we've got to stop this before it goes any further. You people realize that if we make economists into celebrities, soon we'll be watching videos of Lindsay Lohan making out Larry Kudlow on, right?

Fame found Tyler Cowen on the back seat of an airport bus.
Travel-weary after a long flight back from a family vacation, the economics professor was returning to his car at Baltimore/Washington International Airport. Suddenly, a man leaned across the bus aisle to shake Cowen's hand, pronouncing himself a "huge fan" — not of Cowen's economics work, but of the Internet blog the George Mason University faculty member created three years ago.
"My first question was, 'How do you know what I look like?' " Cowen said. "I thought that was a little strange."
But since he and colleague Alex Tabarrok started the blog Marginal Revolution, which has had more than 6 million visitors, Cowen has become something he didn't even know existed: an economics celebrity.
Thanks to life as an econo-blogger, "I'm invited to give a speech or something at least once a week," Cowen said.

Now online: slide-rule celebrities [LA Times]