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Extorted Pepsi Exec's Daughter Reaches Out To DealBreaker (Probably)

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In the comments to our post on sextortionist Jessica Wolcott’s victim—some mustachioed dude at Pepsi you’ve never heard of and probably won’t hear of again—we’ve apparently heard from his daughter, Nikki. Now we can’t vouch that this is definitely the victim’s daughter, of course. But the comment is completely earnest, and actually a bit sweet. Seems genuine enough. And we have some reason to believe that a Niki Wandschneider does exist, and may well be the Pepsi dude's daughter. Click through this link and tell us what you think. Do we have the real Nikki?
More importantly, Nikki, if you’re out there, it’s us, DealBreaker. We’d love to hear more from you. Send us an email to