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Fastow Deposition Infiltrated By Ninjas Window Washers

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Our litigious younger brother points us to an interesting account of Enron former chief financial officer Andrew Fastow's deposition, a few days back:

Tensions were high [on the] first morning [of the eight and a half days of testimony], according to several people who witnessed the deposition. About 30 lawyers packed into the main conference room, sitting on either side of Mr. Fastow. Almost 40 more watched on video feeds in two overflow rooms.
Suddenly, four shadowy figures with ropes appeared, hanging outside the windows of the main room, which had the blinds drawn. A marshal scrambled to the windows. One lawyer for a major bank said the figures resembled ninjas. It turned out they were window washers.

(Sidebar: What the hell kind of crazy drugs is this lawyer from a major bank-- Deutsche Bank, cough, Deutsche Bank*-- on and where can we get them?)
Fastow Gets His Moment in the Sun [NY Times via Above The Law]
*Those Germans, always with their e-binges.