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Ford Develops Fuel Cell Car And Probably Avoids Bankruptcy (For Now)

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The Los Angeles Times this morning reports that Ford has developed a fuel cell car that can travel 350 miles between hydrogen fill-ups. Which is probably almost far enough to actually find a hydrogen filling station.

Ford's experimental hydrogen vehicle, scheduled to be shown for the first time at a media preview Wednesday of the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, is a modified version of the Explorer sport utility vehicle.
It packs its hydrogen gas fuel in a large storage tank at a pressure of 10,000 pounds per square inch, twice that of most other fuel cell vehicles.
A fuel cell produces power by converting hydrogen and oxygen to electricity. A Ford spokesman said the fuel cell Explorer was not a production-ready model.

And, oh yeah, Ford is putting up all it's assets as collateral to borrow $18 billion and avoid bankruptcy. Sort term outlook: new CEO Alan Mulally avoids bankruptcy! Long term outlook: government bailout!
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