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Gary Weiss Gets A Job

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Rumors of the death of one of our favorite Wall Street muckrakers have been greatly exaggerated. When Gary Weiss’s posting at his blog all but ceased at the end of September, speculation went wild. (At least around DealBreaker's offices, where speculation sometimes does that sort of thing.) The man, let us say, has enemies.
Had he been bumped off by boiler-room pump and dumpers tired of his exposes? Had the Securities and Exchange Commission, another victim of Weiss’s pen, hauled him off to some undisclosed Guantanamo for dissident financial journalists? Had Mark Cuban finally had enough of Gary picking on his Sharesleuth project? Or had’s Patrick O’Byrne decided that Gary had called him a “conspiracy theorist” one too many times? Was it the mob? The new generation of alleged Treasury manipulators?
Actually, it seems Gary was busy finding himself a new job. He’s now writing a column for appropriately titled “Muckraker.” His first piece has landed. It’s on India and nukes and full of details from Gary’s recent trip to his wife’s homeland.
Weiss to write column for [Talking Biz News]



Heckuva Job There, Gary

It didn't have to end this way, Gary Cohn.