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Grandma Buffett

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As you might have noticed, we kind of don’t get the appeal of Warren Buffett. Other than the whole, you know, making a lot of money thing. But beyond that, we’re kind of creeped out by the weird cult of personality he seems to attract. (And if you have your doubts about this, take a brief skim through some of the comments from cult-members in our Warren Buffett archive.)
But then today we came across a woman who watched a CNBC interview with Buffett over the weekend with her husband. It’s a bit weird, but then we thought—maybe this is it! Maybe everyone loves Warren because he reminds them of their grandmother!

Buffet's interview was the last one we had seen. It was fascinating. I never knew I liked Buffet, but I do. He has a great mind -- even outside of his financial thinking. Buffet is a genuine, sincere and happy man. He is the kind of man when something bad happens to him, he quickly puts it into perspective, copes and looks forward. He doesn't dwell on what he can't control. He doesn't stew, he doesn't get mad -- he just gets perspective.
I explained to my husband, Buffet is much like his own grandmother was. It was when I was watching Buffet that I first saw the jawline of my husband's dad. Buffet has a similar jawline to my father-in-law -- and as he was talking -- my father-in-law's face came to mind. Then as Buffet's jovial spirit continued to come across the screen, I saw my husband's grandmother -- his father's mother in Buffet, in bits and flashes. Not in looks so much as his father -- but in personality.
As the flashes came to me, I had an instant connection, much without thought -- that these two people (my husband's grandmother and Buffet) shared a similar personality trait -- the trait of jovial happiness. With that, knowing his grandmother, I could predict how Buffet would behave given certain circumstances. If Buffet told me he was crossed, and stewed for days about a deal gone bad and wanted revenge -- I wouldn't believe him. I'd know better! My husband's grandmother would get upset briefly, but then she'd let it go and move on. So would Buffet.

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