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Hailing A Cab In The Sky?

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Everyone knows we're kind of obsessed with the air travel habits of corporate executives and Wall Street bigs. So of course we've been wondering why no one has invited us to take a trip on one of these "air taxis" the Post is reporting on this morning.

As bonuses on Wall Street and beyond hit record levels, executives are finding new ways to pimp their lifestyles: for example, hailing air taxis instead of flying first class.
The air taxis - which afford practically on-demand jet travel complete with gourmet meals, no airport security lines and completely flexible scheduling - are priced, thanks to advancements in jet technology, just 65 percent over first-class commercial air travel.
And while most people don't have to decide between a $1,024 full-fare first-class commercial airline ticket from New York to Miami or the $1,687 cost of hailing a Hawker 400XP eight-seater jet for a little South Beach fun in the sun, more and more successful Wall Street types are.
And traveling on one of the growing number of on-demand jets is becoming the latest lifestyle enhancer for the finance world's bonus babies.
And we notice that although the story references "Wall Street types" the closest it comes is a reference to a "prominent real estate developer from Virginia, who wished to remain anonymous." Uhm, okay. That's not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when we think Walll Street. What's worse, he didn't even use the air taxi himself. He used it to send his (spoiled) kid on a trip to the Caribbean for spring break.

So has anyone out there ever taken an air taxi? Or do so called "Wall Street types" who are said to be spending their bonsuses on the air taxis only exist in the imaginations and press releases of the taxi services?
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