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Is Someone Getting A Bit Testy With These Gret-Gret Critiques?

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As Larry Ribstein points out, New York Times editor Bill Keller has been really, really defensive about criticisms of Business Section columnist Gretchen Morgenson lately.

Of particular interest to me is that Diller singled out Gretchen Morgenson. She responded that Diller's criticism "must mean that we're doing the right thing." And Bill Keller chimed in, again, on Morgenson's behalf, again waiving Morgenson's Pulitzer Prize around like a talisman to ward off evil: "Ordinary investors and other readers look to Gretchen Morgenson as one of the market's shrewdest and most fearless guides. She won a Pulitzer prize for a body of work that the Pulitzer board called 'trenchant and incisive.' We are proud of the journalism she and other Times reporters have produced on executive compensation."

This is the second time in the last couple of weeks that Keller has come out swing-swing for Gret-Gret. It sort of makes you wonder if the Biz-Sec Babe is feeling a little vulnerable these days. Why else would daddy Keller have to keep issuing these reassuring defenses?
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