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Kozlowski Finally Sells Ski Spot

Come on. You know you're hoping the "unidentifed Texas oilman" is the ghost of Ken Lay.

Disgraced corporate tycoon Dennis Kozlowski sold his opulent Colorado mountain mansion for $10 million - and got an extra $750,000 for the furnishings, court papers revealed yesterday.
An unidentified Texas oilman agreed to plunk down the giant chunk of cash for the ex-Tyco mogul's 8,627-square-foot palace, complete with a heated driveway, three wine cellars, two hot tubs and a stuffed mountain lion.
"At 10 million, it's a decent house, although some people I talked to thought it wasn't worth more than eight," said David Nilges, a real estate broker not involved in the sale. "The view is to die for."
But Kozlowski, who is serving 8-1/3 to 25 years in prison for looting up to $1 billion from Tyco, won't be pocketing a dime from the big deal.
Kozlowski will use the proceeds to chip away at the $59 million in outstanding restitution he still needs to make. He has already turned over more than $100 million.

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