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Kozlowski Finally Sells Ski Spot

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Come on. You know you're hoping the "unidentifed Texas oilman" is the ghost of Ken Lay.

Disgraced corporate tycoon Dennis Kozlowski sold his opulent Colorado mountain mansion for $10 million - and got an extra $750,000 for the furnishings, court papers revealed yesterday.
An unidentified Texas oilman agreed to plunk down the giant chunk of cash for the ex-Tyco mogul's 8,627-square-foot palace, complete with a heated driveway, three wine cellars, two hot tubs and a stuffed mountain lion.
"At 10 million, it's a decent house, although some people I talked to thought it wasn't worth more than eight," said David Nilges, a real estate broker not involved in the sale. "The view is to die for."
But Kozlowski, who is serving 8-1/3 to 25 years in prison for looting up to $1 billion from Tyco, won't be pocketing a dime from the big deal.
Kozlowski will use the proceeds to chip away at the $59 million in outstanding restitution he still needs to make. He has already turned over more than $100 million.

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