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Like Borat, Except Minus The Funny

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Thanks to Sascha Baron Cohen, every douchebag in the world thinks that talking in a foreign accent is funny.
[A completely unimportant update after the jump.]

A commenter with a much longer memory than we're equipped with pointed out that this ran on one of our favorite blogs, BankersBall, like a month ago. We must have missed it back then because its totally douchey-ness didn't sear through our brain until we stumbled upon it on YouTube this morning.
In a bizarre turn, the same commenter accused us of stealing the video from BankersBall. We say bizarre because there's no motive to steal from BB. If we find something there, we link to it. In fact, we probably post a link to a BankersBall item three or four times a week. We don't mind returning to the same well for material as long as the water is still fresh. And its not like our advertisers pay us a dime less for items linking to other blogs or readers avert their eyeballs because we put in a "via" link here and there.
But if you've read this far we might as well give you some real dirt. Here it is. We discovered this video through a closely guarded research technique that we wouldn't reveal, ever. Except perhaps to dedicated readers who have followed the jump to read a purely administrative update to an hours old item. So here it is: occassionally we go over to YouTube and type phrases like "Wall Street" and "hedge fund" into the search engine just to see if anything pops up. The video above is the second from the top on the YouTube search for "banker."
The world is a strange and dangerous enough place as it is. If you want to make it stranger with odball paranoia, be our guest. It's totally your call. We don't edit these comments except to delete out obvious spam. So, you know, go crazy. Or stay there, if crazy is already where you're at.