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Mike Eisner: 'Hey. How Did I Get Dragged Into This?'

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Barry Diller took home $469 million last year and Times op-ed columnist Nicholas D. Kristof, for one, is not happy about it. Which is why he's awarding Mr. Diller with an 'Eisner,' an idea we're pretty sure he stole from the people that brought you the Razzies.

Just think! If you’re capable of running a company only a little worse than the average C.E.O., then Mr. Diller thinks you’re worth almost half a billion dollars!
So I’m delighted to announce that Mr. Diller is this year’s winner of my Michael Eisner Award, given annually to commemorate the former Disney chairman’s pathbreaking achievements in corporate rapacity. The winner of the Eisner award receives a shower curtain — this year it’s a lovely pink floral model costing $5 — in honor of the $6,000 one that Tyco’s shareholders purchased for their former C.E.O.

America’s Laziest Man? [NYTimes]