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News Corp Unloading Non-MySpace Intermix Properties?

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Staci Kramer over at PaidContent reports:

Richard Rosenblatt, who engineered the attention-getting sale of Intermix and its chief asset, has acquired assets of Intermix Network LLC from Fox Interactive Media for his Demand Media. No terms for the sale, which closed last Friday. The News Corp. unit acquired flawed Intermix 14 months ago (the deal closed in Sept. 2005) as a way of gaining the pearl in the oyster, MySpace. Some of the other assets were intriguing at the time—talking about the deal at the time Ross Levinsohn saw potential in, for instance— but without MySpace, we wouldn’t have been hearing any $580 million noise about the company.
FIM actually has made use of or, more literally, some of the technology behind the site. FIM retains the rights to the social networking code base now being used for, and other FIM operations. Demand Media gets a license to the code as well. FIM also retains a perpetual royalty-free license for the casual games that came with the company.

FIM Sells Non My-Space Intermix Assets, Technology To Former CEO Rosenblatt’s Demand Media [PaidContent.Org]